Co Owner

Ramona Stancu is a dynamic and visionary leader, serving as a co-owner of Soccer Club Dava, a premier soccer club renowned for its commitment to player development and community engagement. With a passion for sports and a deep-rooted dedication to advancing the game of soccer, Ramona brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role in shaping the future of the club.

Ramona’s journey in the world of sports began at an early age, fueled by a love for competition and a desire to make a positive impact in her community. After completing her education in business administration and sports management, Ramona embarked on a career path that would ultimately lead her to Soccer Club Dava.

As a co-owner of Soccer Club Dava, Ramona plays a pivotal role in driving the club’s strategic initiatives and operational excellence. With a keen eye for talent and a commitment to nurturing young players, she oversees the club’s player development programs and recruitment efforts, ensuring that Soccer Club Dava remains a powerhouse in youth soccer development.

Beyond her contributions to the club’s athletic endeavors, Ramona is deeply invested in fostering strong relationships with fans, supporters, and stakeholders. She believes in the power of soccer to unite communities and inspire positive change, and works tirelessly to create opportunities for engagement and involvement both on and off the field.

Ramona’s leadership is characterized by her unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. She is dedicated to upholding the club’s values of teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship, and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where players and fans alike can thrive.

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